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Image may be subject to copyright

Ellen Trout Zoo

Travel on over to the Ellen Trout Zoo. Here they have hundreds of animals from the Toco Toucan to the Saki Monkey. Some of the most popular animals include the White Rhino and the Malayan Tigers. Here at the Zoo they watch and care for over 800 different mammals, birds and reptiles.

The Zoo is a part of AZA (the Association of Zoos and Aquariums) and the SSP (Species survival plan), here at the park they have multiple endangered species like the White Rhino. Other animals include the Malayan Tigers, Bali Mynahs, Cottentop Tamarins and more. At the Zoo you can help contribute by participating in the adopt an animal program or donating to the hippo habitat fund. 

Animals at the Zoo

At the Ellen Trout Zoo they have hundreds of animals. They have; DeBrazza's Monkeys, Kestrels, Russell's Vipers, Jaguars, Jamaican Fruit Bats, Galapagos Tortoises, Fly River Turtles, Bonteboks, Sulcatta Tortoises, Ruddy Ducks, Malayan Tapirs, Spectacled Owls, Chilean Flamingos, Massi Giraffes, Hippopotamuses, Toco Toucans, Saki Monkeys, Cotton top Tamarins, Alligators and River Otters. 

See all of those animals up close, in their own habitat exhibits. Watch the animals how they interact with each other and you can watch them eat at times of the day. 
Image may be subject to copyright
Come visit the Ellen Trout Zoo for a fun experience for the whole family. See over 800 different animals up close in their exhibits. The Zoo also has a train that travels though the park. Enjoy riding though the park and seeing animal from the moving train. Come on down and enjoy the Ellen Trout Zoo. See awesome animals in a fun and informational atmosphere. Bring the whole family and come down to the Ellen Trout Zoo.  
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