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Image may be subject to copyright
Image may be subject to copyright

El Charrito 

Looking for amazing flavor and local produce? Come enjoy the best authentic Mexican food in all of Louisiana. Here they serve burritos, tacos, tamales, salads, bowl style burritos other amazing Mexican cuisine and the best salsa's around.

The Food:

At El Charrito there are multiple ways to order. They have tons of different combinations of meats and other flavorful toppings. You choose one of those either made in a burrito, on french bread (torta sandwich) or in a bowl. Then you also pick your salsa to top off the yummy meal.

For the meat and topping options hey have chicken verde, a pork with tomatillo green salsa. Chicharron, pork rind with tomatoes, onions and jalapenos. Pollo Guisado, shredded chicken with tomatoes onions and jalapenos. The Chille Relleno is a egg battered pasilla chili filled with queso fresco & cotija cheese. 

Their salsas include; El charrito Salsa (little to no spice) with tomatoes, onions, jalapenos and cilantro. The salsa roja (medium spice) with chili de arbol and toamatillos. Or the Salsa Molcajete (spiciest salsa) with tomatoes, jalapenos and serrano. 

They also serve; super yummy churros, tamales,beef taquitos, horchata and limon spacial drinks. Enjoy the best authentic Mexican food around.To see more check out their website:
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" The food was so amazing. The al pastor was delicious. And the torta was next level: asada and a bunch of amazing ingredients placed on the most delicious and crispy French roll. The meat was tender, the flavors were so incredible, and the portion size was perfect."
- Matt L. -Yelp
"The tortillas are so good. My favorite thing on the menu is the chile relleno burrito. I am usually disappointed by chiles rellenos that are not my mom's but El Charrito chiles rellenos are just like the ones momma makes. They are fresh and a cheesy treat from heaven."
- Roman M. -Yelp
"El Charrito has the best burritos in all of Salinas! This place is amazing. The tortillas is their trick and I really don't know what they do to them that they taste sooooo good!!! This place is amazing!!!"

- Roberto A. -Yelp

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