Certified Ropes Training Course

Certified Ropes Training Course

Low Elements
The low elements are those that do not involve the use of safety ropes (belays) and that are constructed near the ground. The safety system used in low element activities is group spotting. There are some low elements that are valuable for teaching teamwork and cooperation while others are concerned with balance and concentration. But this experience builds team communication and confidence.

Log Jam
Task: Progress from one end of the jam to the other by maneuvering the suspended logs on the cable. We recommend three people participating.
Objective: Teaching problem solving techniques and physically challenging group members.

Wild Woozy
Task: Two group members depend on each other to traverse as far as possible along two progressively widening cables.
Objective: Teaching trust and dependence on one another.

The multivine provides the person with the challenge of balance, concentration and focus. The person traverses the foot cable with the use of dangling ropes to grasp as they move.

10ft Wall
Task: Get the whole group up and over the wall safely.
Objective: Teach your group to work together and overcome the fear in some.

Wildwood Resort can assist with finding and coordinating a facilitator based on your groups needs.

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